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Review: Life by Committee

 Review: Life by Committee

"Some secrets are too good to keep.

Tabitha might be the only girl in the history of the world who actually gets less popular when she gets hot. But her so-called friends say she’s changed, and they’ve dropped her flat.

Now Tab has no one to tell about the best and worst thing that has ever happened to her: Joe, who spills his most intimate secrets to her in their nightly online chats. Joe, whose touch is so electric, it makes Tab wonder if she could survive an actual kiss. Joe, who has Tabitha brimming with the restless energy of falling in love. Joe, who is someone else’s boyfriend.
Just when Tab is afraid she’ll burst from keeping the secret of Joe inside, she finds Life by Committee. The rules of LBC are simple: tell a secret, receive an assignment. Complete the assignment to keep your secret safe.

Tab likes it that the assignments push her to her limits, empowering her to live boldly and go further than she’d ever go on her own.

But in the name of truth and bravery, how far is too far to go?" (Description from Goodreads).

Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu was not what I was expecting.

It was so much better!

1. I loved Tabitha! She is her own person and even though she probably cares too much about what other's think (who doesn't), she doesn't change or rather, stay the same, just to please others.

2. The struggles were real. There are a lot of teens out there who probably feel the way Tabby does. They've lost friends because they changed when their school friends have stayed mostly the same.

3. The family dynamic was oddly believable. There were several times when I thought to myself, "Would that really happen?" But then, I realized it totally would, for this family at least. Tabitha and her parents seem to live in a world all to themselves or maybe even three different worlds. Either way, every time I found something (a reaction or a situation) a little odd, I would think about it for a minute and realize it was brilliant. There is something very unique about this story, namely, there are no cookie-cutter scenarios. Each scene, sentence, and reaction is perfectly fitting for the character and for the story. I know that this is true for most books, but Life by Committee seems special somehow.

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