Tuesday, July 9, 2013

642 Things to Write About: Peer Pressure

"You are a teenager. Your friend asks you to meet him at a culvert everyone knows isn't very safe. How do you get out of the house? What happens when you get there?"

The latch on Ali's bedroom window always stuck. She loosened her grip, stepped back, and second guessed herself. Her phone buzzed. Ali jumped at the sound. She turned to her nightstand and leaned towards her cell, "r u on ur way? - Logan." She grabbed the phone, shoved it into the back pocket of her jean shorts, and stood in front of the window. Ali drew in a deep breath before she wrenched the window open. Sneaking out created a guilt and freedom cocktail in her stomach and it wasn't sitting well. Her phone buzzed again. Ali rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. She pulled her phone from her pocket and moved deeper into the night, forgetting to close the window behind her.

642 Things to Write About: A woman, her husband, and a former lover?

"Write a scene in which a person is leaving a restaurant with her husband and bumps into a former lover."

It was the most gut-wrenching feeling, a husband and a jealous, former lover meeting--and in a crowded restaurant no less. I reached for my husbands hand. We skirted around the edge of the seating hostess' station, but it was no use. He spotted us. My husband recognized him instantly. He positioned himself between me and my old flame. The sparks had fizzled out long ago, but that didn't stop my husband from confronting him, "She's not interested."

My ex didn't say a thing. Instead, he maneuvered  around my husband and leaned in for a kiss. Without hesitation, my husband thrust is fist towards my former lover. Then we darted to the car.

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642 Things to Write About: Set Something on Fire

It was perched on the dresser like it had been for the last year. The team photo, no frame, curled edges. The caption beneath the photo read, "Lawrence Academy Girls Tennis, Conference Champions." Abby tucked her chestnut curls behind her ear, "We weren't all champions. Hannah cheated." Abby glanced at the candle and the box of matches that sat beside the photo. She slipped a match from the carton and struck it against the side. A flame erupted from the friction. Abby grasped the photo, her hand trembling as the fire met the paper. Hannah's face and torso melted before Abby shook the flame from the photo.

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642 Things to Write About

On my most recent trip to Anthropologie, I picked up this little gem! Now I can't complain that I have nothing to write about because...well...I have 642 things to write about! 

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Euphoric Recall- "the remembrance of past addictive behavior, recalling that behavior as ecstatic rather than insane" (Adrianne, 2012). 

Yep, that pretty much sums up the profession and hobby of writing--my work here is done. Okay, almost done. My passion for writing blossomed at a very young age. [Insert inspirational childhood story here.] Actually, my elementary school teachers ravished my dreams of becoming a writer. They loved to tell me just how untalented and unsuccessful I would be as an adult. I believed them for a long time, but ten years, straight A's, and two publications later, I proved them wrong. 

Don't worry, this blog is devoted to silly prompts and the many joys and pitfalls of writing, not my journey overcoming the adversity of my stifling teachers!

Anyway, writing is amazing and I hope you enjoy reading my blog--but if you don't, that's okay, this is really just an excuse to write!

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