Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Decoupage Bookshelf

Want a closer look?

The top and sides of my bookshelf are covered with pages from one the first middle grades books I ever read (I had two copies).  

On the side of my bookshelf, I used three of the printable bookmarks created by Epic Reads (Fall 2013 Edition bookmarks and the Summer Edition bookmarks). 

The "I ship Tris and Four" and the "I ship Anna and Etienne" images were created by Epic Reads, but I could only find them through google. I also found the "Har Bloody Har" image from Anna and the French Kiss and the quote ("Friendship as in you and me is great, but Friendship, Wisconsin, sometimes feels like a bad dream that's too boring to be called a nightmare" from No One Else Can Have You on google. 

I also found the quote (I wondered what the future would hold once we'd gotten past our personal tragedies and proven them ultimately survivable) from The Beginning of Everything on google. 

This chart of fairly tale retelling was also created by Epic Reads (view it here)

The quote (Fear will learn to fear me. And I'm leaving my gloves behind) from Ignite Me can be found here on the Epic Reads website. I found the quote (Home isn't a place. It's a person and we are finally home) from Anna and the French Kiss on google. 

Many of these images were found in various places on including the quote from Say What You Will (There isn't any one big test or way to validate ourselves in the world. There's just a long, quiet process of finding our place in it.)


  1. This is so awesome! I see we share a love of EpicReads & Margot and Aubry! Haha :) Love your shelf.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes! Epic Reads and Margot and Aubry are awesome!