Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Emotional Stages of Pivot Point in GIF form

When you first hear about Pivot Point by Kasie West, you read the description and it sounds interesting.

So you read the first few chapters and you're like, "Yeah, this is pretty good."

And about halfway through you're like…

and then things get serious...

By the time you get to the epilogue you're like…

and then it’s over and you’re like, “Let me list my feels…”

Haven't read Pivot Point? Then you better click this link and check it out. Spoiler alert: It's awesome!

Already read Pivot Point? Click here to check out the sequel, Slit Second (released February 11, 2014).

Think Kasie West is an awesome author? Then you better read, The Distance Between Us. Spoiler alert: It's awesome too!

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