Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Accepting Judgement

When I started writing my manuscript in January of 2012, I was writing it for me. It was nothing more than a personal project. A story of two best friends and a mysterious stalker filled my mind until it practically busted onto the page. After six months of writing, I reached out to other writers. That is when I realized I wanted to share my story with the world. Now, a year later, I am composing dozens of drafts of query letters, piecing together a synopsis, and searching for an agent. When I first started writing, I was not familiar with Erica Jong's quote, but I am glad my story started out as a personal project. If I had tried to write my story for the world, it may never have been finished.

A fear of being judged is something that plagues everyone. Once I decided to pursue traditional publishing, the pressures of others weighed on me. I worked on this manuscript for a year and a half. Having someone discredit or dislike my work frightened me at first. I did not want to be judged. Now I realize that I will be judged. I could be the best author in the world who wrote the most amazing piece of fiction and even then, I would still have critiques who could not stand my work. Rejection and judgement are a major part of the writing and publishing process. Experts in the field say, the sooner you realize that the better. I never thought I would be okay with accepting rejection and judgement. I figured I would be that girl who balled her eyes out at the sight of that first rejection letter. (For the record, I did not shed a single tear!) Instead, I saw it as an opportunity to better my work and try again.

I sent out my second batch of query letters yesterday. There is no guarantee that an agent will request more of my work or even send a form rejection letter, but I would rather try and fail than be paralyzed by a fear of judgement and do nothing.

So what do you think? Does a fear of being judged keep you from writing? Let me know in the comments!

Reference (because plagiarizing isn't cool)

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  1. Shadow
    She is right. Through some of us do write horror short stores and have a darker side of thinking,we need to step out of the darkness to take the light.

    1. Matt, I agree! Sometimes the power of positive thinking is all we need to power through. Dwelling on our mistakes or shortcomings while obsessing over the thoughts of the world is not a recipe for success.