Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Euphoric Recall- "the remembrance of past addictive behavior, recalling that behavior as ecstatic rather than insane" (Adrianne, 2012). 

Yep, that pretty much sums up the profession and hobby of writing--my work here is done. Okay, almost done. My passion for writing blossomed at a very young age. [Insert inspirational childhood story here.] Actually, my elementary school teachers ravished my dreams of becoming a writer. They loved to tell me just how untalented and unsuccessful I would be as an adult. I believed them for a long time, but ten years, straight A's, and two publications later, I proved them wrong. 

Don't worry, this blog is devoted to silly prompts and the many joys and pitfalls of writing, not my journey overcoming the adversity of my stifling teachers!

Anyway, writing is amazing and I hope you enjoy reading my blog--but if you don't, that's okay, this is really just an excuse to write!

Reference (because plagiarizing isn't cool)

Adrianne. (2012, February 16). Retrieved from http://moregrateful-lesshateful.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html

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