Tuesday, July 9, 2013

642 Things to Write About: Peer Pressure

"You are a teenager. Your friend asks you to meet him at a culvert everyone knows isn't very safe. How do you get out of the house? What happens when you get there?"

The latch on Ali's bedroom window always stuck. She loosened her grip, stepped back, and second guessed herself. Her phone buzzed. Ali jumped at the sound. She turned to her nightstand and leaned towards her cell, "r u on ur way? - Logan." She grabbed the phone, shoved it into the back pocket of her jean shorts, and stood in front of the window. Ali drew in a deep breath before she wrenched the window open. Sneaking out created a guilt and freedom cocktail in her stomach and it wasn't sitting well. Her phone buzzed again. Ali rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. She pulled her phone from her pocket and moved deeper into the night, forgetting to close the window behind her.

The culvert was less than a mile away, but it was in a bad part of town. Ali glanced in all directions every few minutes until she reached the dark alley where Logan was waiting. The glow from his phone illuminated his pale face. Ali stumbled over an empty pop can, startling him. Logan put his phone in his pocket and picked up two cans of black spray paint. He tossed one to Ali. The rattle of the shaking can gave her a rush of anxiety. Logan gravitated towards the brick wall to the right, popped the cap off of the spray paint, and vandalized the wall.

Reference (because plagiarizing isn't cool)
The San Francisco Writers' Grotto. (2011). 642 things to write about. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC.


  1. Very interesting....I try not to fall to peer pressure much, so this isn't as relatable. However, it was an interesting little piece for a short, prompt based writing piece. I enjoyed it. It was cool to read through some of the feelings of a teen sneaking out as well as what they do. I've just never had the need to sneak out, so it was cool to read what drives a person to do so. Also, I liked how she was scared and nervous at the beginning. In my opinion, it helped add a layer of guilt to the character and make it look less like she was just carelessly wandering off without a care in the world.

    1. Thanks, Dan. I'm glad to hear that you try to avoid peer pressure--being yourself is always better than trying to fit into a mold or letting your friends drag you around by puppet strings!