Thursday, October 17, 2013

Genre Hoping

I generally reach for commercial fiction in the young adult market, usually mystery or thriller. However, it's important to read outside of your literary comfort zone. I'm still reading YA, but I'm testing the waters with dystopian.

Right now I'm reading four books, two novels (detective fiction and mystery) and two biographies. Once I'm finished with those four, I'll push myself to choose one of the dystopian books on my GoodReads to-read list!

Also, if you're not sure if you're ready to commit to a new genre, has books bundle samplers. These samplers offer readers a few free chapters of a few different books, usually within the same genre.

Samplers: Breathless Reads | more Breathless Reads | Teen Sampler | Dystopian Teen Sampler | Dark Days of Summer Samples | Must Read Teen Sampler | Epic Reads Book Club Sampler | Fantasy Fiction | Dark Days of Winter Sampler | Team Summer Reads Sampler |

You can find many more e-book samplers by searching for 'sampler' in the book department on Amazon

What are you guys reading? Are you reading outside of your literary comfort zone? Tell me in the comments!

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