Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone! Emily (@bookskittens) nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you for the nomination, Emily! 

I've been asked to answer the following questions:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I wanted to be a more active participant in the literary community. 

2. What is your favorite genre?
My favorite genre is young adult contemporary fiction. 

3. Where do you blog?

4. Who was the first blogger friend you’ve made?
I'm not exactly sure who my first blogger friend was. That's horrible, right? I should know. Hmm… Well, I love all my blogger friends equally! 

5. What’s your favorite hobby besides reading and blogging?
I loved to write young adult fiction!

6. At what age did you really begin to love reading?
I was maybe eleven years old when I really began to love reading.

7. What was the first book that you can remember blogging about/reviewing?
So far, I haven't been blogging about or reviewing specific books yet. This component is coming soon!

8. Have you shared your blog with friends/family?
Yes. Some of my family members and friends enjoy the blog, but they are not particularly bookish. 

9. What’s your biggest fear?
Hmm… I guess my biggest fear is being lost in a strange place. 

10. If you could make any book into a movie, which would you choose?
Honestly, I'm not sure. I have a rule: Read the book or watch the movie. This way, I will not have unmet expectations for the movie after reading the book or vise versa. Also, the books I love the most are very special to me and I don't want to "corrupt" my perfect vision/memory of the book with Hollywood's interpretation. For instance, I loved The Giver by Lois Lowry. I watched the movie trailer and I absolutely cannot see that movie. The Giver is a very special book to me and I don't like the cinematic choices made by the movie's director.

11. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is interacting with my readers! I love getting their opinions and chatting with them about bookish things. 

11 Facts about me…

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry was the first book I ever loved.

2. Junie B. Jones still makes me laugh.

3. I firmly believe you are never too old to love Hello Kitty. 

4. I spent three weeks in Greece after my junior year of college. 

5. I will jump for joy on May 17, 2014 when I graduate with honors (Summa Cum Laude) from college. 

6. I love to read and write young adult fiction. 

7. I desperately wish I had a comfortable and fantastically decorated reading room. 

8. I am addicted to coffee. 

9. After I graduate, I want to work on my writing career and spend lots of time with my baby niece, Sadie Lorraine. 

10. I carry on full conversations with my dog (though I do to expect him to respond!)

11. I love Pretty Little Liars and I need to know who A is!

Thanks again, Emily! I'm honored that you thought to nominate me! Look for my next post where I will nominate five awesome bloggers for the Liebster Award. 


  1. I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to change how you view the story of one of your favorite books after watching the movie. And oh my goodness you love Hello Kitty?! Me too, haha! Can't wait to read more wonderful posts from you! <3

    1. Yes! Hello Kitty is AMAZING! Oddly enough, I don't really like actual cats, but I love Hello Kitty.